Academic Calendar



Tuesday 5th                                                 Arrival of new students

Wednesday 6th – Thursday 7th             Orientation for new students

Thursday 7th                                                     Arrival of continuing students

Friday 8th – Sunday 10th                         Annual Retreat

Friday 8th                                                    Staff recollection

Sunday 10th                                               Inaugural Mass

Monday 11th                                              General Cleaning

Tuesday 12th                                              Lectures Begin

Monday 18th – Thursday 21st               GOVERNING COUNCIL MEETING

Monday 25th – Friday 29th                    Assessment (T1 Candidacy)


Monday 2nd – Friday 6th                          Repeat Examinations

Tuesday 3rd – Wednesday 4th             Vocation Directors/Pastoral Team Meeting

Thursday 12th – Wednesday 25th       Mid-Sem. Exams  

Monday 16th – Friday 20th                    Assessment T4 (Diaconate)

Thursday 26th – Friday 27th                  Visit to Pastoral Year Seminarians

Saturday 28th                                            Day of Recollection

Tuesday 31st                                               Institution of Lectors and Acolytes


Wednesday 1st                                           All Saints Day – Investiture

Thursday 9th – Friday 10th                    Visit to Pastoral Year Seminarians

Wednesday 15th                                        End of 1st Semester Lectures

Thursday 16th – Monday 20th               Revision

Thursday 16th – Monday 20th              VOTUM

Tuesday 21st – Thurs 7th Dec.               FIRST SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS


Thursday 7th                                              Carols Night

Friday 8th                                                     General Cleaning

                                                                        Urbaniana Orientation              

Saturday 9th                                               First Semestral Break                    

Saturday 9th – Thursday 14th               RETREAT FOR DIACONATE


Friday 2nd                                                   End of First Semester Break/

                                                                        Beginning of Second Semester

Saturday 3rd                                                Day of Recollection

Monday 5th                                                 Lectures Begin

Thursday 8th – Monday 12th                 Inter-Seminary Interaction

Monday 12th – Friday 16th                    Repeat Examinations

Wednesday 14th                                                   ASH WEDNESDAY

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd                    Assessment T4 (Priesthood)

Thursday 22nd                                          CHAIR OF PETER – FEAST OF THE HOUSE

MARCH 2024

Saturday 2nd                                              Day of Recollection

Monday 4th – Friday 8th                          RECOWA Meeting

Monday 4th – Friday 8th                          Assessment T1 (Lectors)

Wednesday 6th                                          Independence Day (No Lectures)

Thursday 7th – Friday 8th                       Visit to Pastoral Year Seminarians

Thursday 7th – Wed 20th                        Mid-Semester Exams

Monday 11th – Friday 15th                    THEOLOGY WEEK

Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd                 Visit to Pastoral Year Seminarians

Sunday 24th                                              Palm Sunday               

Wednesday 27th                                     LENTEN RECOLLECTION

Sunday 31st                                              Easter Sunday


APRIL 2024

Monday 1st – Monday 8th                       Easter Break

Tuesday 9th                                                Lectures Resumes

Monday 15th – Friday 19th                     Assessment T2 (Acolytes)

Friday 26th                                                 End of Lectures

Saturday 27th                                            Day of Recollection

Sunday 28th – Thursday 2nd                  Revision

Monday 29th                                             Urbaniana Oral Exams

Tuesday 30th – 3rd May Friday         VOTUM


MAY 2024

Wednesday 1st                                           May Day (Holiday)

Thursday 2nd                                              Urbaniana Comprehensive Exams

Friday 3rd – Wednesday 22nd             SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS

Thursday 23rd                                           GRADUATION

Friday 24th                                                 General Cleaning

Saturday 25th                                             Long Vacations

Saturday 25th – 30th Thursday         RETREAT FOR PRIESTHOOD

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St. Peter's Regional Seminary, Pedu

This is the “school of Jesus”, where young men are not only trained in discipleship but are also configured into the image of Christ Jesus Our Lord and Saviour.​ We uphold the Four Pillars of Formations: Human, Spiritual, Intellectual and Pastoral Formations.​ This Theologicum of the Fisherman upholds the primacy Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium.​

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The seminary is an ecclesiastical institution for the formation of Future Catholic Priests. It is referred to as a Seminary and not just a Theological College because the seminary brings to mind a humane environment where seeds are sown, nurtured and pruned to bear fruits and to provide shelter for the homeless and food for the hungry. The seminary has a universal accreditation for it does exactly what is done in almost all the Catholic Theological faculties in the world.

The vision of St. Peter’s Regional Seminary is to help form priests who will fit well in the universal Church and also become vibrant in the Ghanaian or the African context. A people who would help sustain the dignity of human beings and enhance the created order.

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